Year 4 Homework

Each Friday morning, your child will be tested on 5 words from the year 4 word list. Please open the document to see each week’s spellings. Results of these spellings will be shared with you at parents’ evening and in your child’s report.

Year 4 weekly spelling list

Also your child will have weekly arithmetic tests which will be done on a Friday. Questions will vary and include all of the operations – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It is very important to help your child learn their times tables including the inverse (division).

Your support with spellings and arithmetic is greatly appreciated.

My Maths homework is also set every Friday to be completed by Tuesday the following week.

Year 4 learning log- Passport to Europe

This is the new learning log for the half term. There are lots of exciting activities to choose from and it would be lovely if your child could complete at least one task to engage them into our new topic.

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