Year 6 Homework

Learning Log

Please refer to the Topic Learning Log below for various complementary activities. These are not compulsory; however, they will enhance your child’s understanding of the topic we have been studying in class. We hope that every child completes at least one of the tasks and any work that is completed will be shared, celebrated and some will be chosen for our special display in class. There were some fantastic ones last half term, including a Top Trumps card about Mrs Moss!

Year 6 Spring 2 Learning Log Homework


During the school closure, your child can still use the  Spelling Card

However, you may also want them to check their spellings against the lists given for Years 5 and 6 by the Department for Education. The following link provides a really useful guide for those wanting their children to keep up with spellings. 


High Frequency Words
Some of these words fall outside the work we do in class on spelling patterns.  Your child should be able to spell almost all of  these words correctly already and all of them by the end of the year.


It is expected that your child is reading every night either independently or to somebody at home. 

Please click (here)for a list of questions you could be asking your child at home to develop their inference skills. These style of questions will help your child improve their ability to infer what the author is implying by thinking about what is not necessary stated in the text. Your child should be able to form reasonable suggestions and back it up using evidence from the text.